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Manitowoc Ice Training Resources for Technicians

Repairs require more than just swapping out a part here and there. It requires indepth knowledge of how the machine operates. Welbilt, the parent company of Manitowoc Ice, has a helpful website called The site not only features helpful videos for equipment owners, but it also has a wide variety of Manitowoc Ice training resources for technicians.

Qualified Manitowoc Ice authorized service technicians are still required to do in-person training. However, the online videos are pre-requisites to take prior to attending Level III Service School held in Manitowoc, WI. That way you can start getting familiar with the equipment before diving into greater details.

Below are summaries for a few popular online training modules and a link to all Manitowoc tech courses and videos.

Indigo Model & NXT Online Technical Training

The Indigo series features some of Manitowoc's best ice machines. The latest NXT models are equipped with advanced features like easyTouch® displays, intelligent diagnostics, energy- and water-efficient performance and programmable ice production.

The training videos walk you through a complete overview as well as instructions on setting up an Indigo NXT machine, navigating the menu, the sequence of operation, troubleshooting and cleaning and sanitizing.

NEO® Online Technical Training

NEO model undercounter ice machines are used in a wide variety of commercial establishments. They're built with convenience in mind, featuring a forward-sliding bin, an angled access door, a pop-out air filter and ergonomic controls.

KitchenCare offers helpful training videos on cleaning, technical features, installation, operational sequences and troubleshooting for NEO undercounter ice machines.

S-Model Online Technical Training

The S-Model module cubers are dependable and very easy to use. Available in water-cooled and air-cooled varieties, these ice machines feature advanced cleaning and sanitizing technology and a quiet operation.

The training videos offer extensive breakdowns on features and benefits, menu navigation, operational sequences, cleaning procedures and installation of self-contained and remote models.

Check out all Manitowoc Ice machine technical training videos & e-leaning courses.