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Manitowoc Ice Machine Installation for Authorized Technicians

Installing a Manitowoc ice machine is essential knowledge for any certified technician, as you not only install and set-up the unit itself, but also the electrical components, water connection, dispenser and more.

Learn how to install a Manitowoc Indigo NXT Series ice machine in this how-to guide.

NOTE: This guide is only for authorized technicians. Equipment operators should contact a local service agent to conduct the tasks outlined below as well as additional repairs. 

Check out the full Manitowoc Indigo NXT ice machine installation and operation manual.

Installation Table of Contents

  • Installation and Location Requirements—page 13
  • Heat of Rejection—page 14
  • Air Baffle Installation—page16
  • Bin Installation Requirements—page 16
  • Bin and Dispenser Installation—page 17
  • Electrical Requirements—page 18
  • Maximum Breaker Size & Minimum Circuit Amperage Chart—page 19
  • Water Supply & Drain Line Sizing and Connections—page 22
  • Water Connections—page 22
  • Water Supply, Drain Connections and Air Gap—page 23
  • Cooling Tower Applications (for Water-Cooled Models)—page 24
  • Drain Connections—page 24
  • Remote Condenser and Condenser Unit Refrigeration System Installation—page 25
  • Calculating Installation Distances—page 26
  • Remote Condenser Models—page 27
  • QuietCube Models—page 28
  • Starting the Ice Machine—page 32

Safety Precautions

  • Keep hands clear of moving components to avoid crush or pinch hazards.
  • Ensure that the ice machine unit and installation area are stable and level, and are capable of supporting the weight of the unit.
  • Remove all removable panels prior to lifting and installing, and use the appropriate safety equipment during the installation and servicing process.
  • Two or more people are needed to move or lift the unit to prevent injury or tipping.
  • Install legs/casters completely, and secure the casters to prevent the unit from shifting or moving. Lock the front casters once installation is complete.
  • Unit MUST be connected to a potable water supply only.
  • Take care to not damage the refrigeration circuit during the installation process, maintenance or servicing.
  • Unit contains refrigerant charge, so installation of the line sets must be performed. Be sure the installation area is prepped for such a task, and that the proper safety precautions are implemented. 

Installing a Manitowoc Indigo NXT Ice Machine

General Installation Requirements

  • Ice machine unit and bin must be level.
  • Ice machine must be installed indoors and in an area free from contaminants and away from heat-generating sources.
  • Allow enough clearance for water, drain, airflow and electrical connections at the rear of the unit.
  • Vent the ice machine and bin drains separately.
  • Descale and sanitize the ice machine and bin after installation.
  • Bin drain termination must have an air gap.
  • Drain line must have a union or other suitable means of disconnection at the ice machine.

Installation Requirements for QuietCube Models Only

  • The top panel of the ice machine can be trimmed with aviator snips to allow the water line, line set and electrical connections to exit through the top. Only cut out what is necessary, as the back panel must support the top panel.
  • The water inlet and electrical connection must have a service loop to allow for future access.

Electrical Requirements

  • Be sure that all electrical work conforms to local, state and national electrical codes.
  • Make sure that the ice machine is grounded.
  • Utilize a separate fuse or circuit breaker (dedicated circuit) for each ice machine head section, condenser or condensing unit.
  • Maximum allowable voltage variation is +10% / -5% of the rated voltage during start-up of the ice machine (when the electrical load is highest).
  • A separate electrical disconnect must be provided for fixed wiring, which disconnects all poles and has a 3mm (or 1/8″) contact separation.

Ice Machine Clearance Requirements

Clearance Requirement Chart for Manitowoc Indigo NXT Ice Machines
Clearance Requirement Chart for Manitowoc Indigo NXT Ice Machines
Manitowoc Indigo NXT Ice Machine IT1500, IT1900 and IT1900 Copeland compressor clearance requirement chart

Manitowoc Indigo NXT QuietCube Ice Machine clearance requirements chart

Condenser Unit Clearance Requirements

Manitowoc Indigo NXT Ice Machine Condenser Unit Clearance Requirements

Bin Installation Requirements

  • Ensure that the installation area is capable of supporting the combined weight of the product and equipment.
  • All units installed on a bin require an ice deflector.
    • Manitowoc ice bins have a deflector installed, so they don’t require modifications when used with a forward-facing evaporator.
  • Ice machine units that have multiple evaporators will require a deflector kit. Install as advised. 
  • Align the sides and back of the ice machine with the sides and back of the bin when placing the ice machine unit on the bin.

Bin Installation

  • Step 1—Remove the threaded plug from drain fitting.
  • Step 2—Screw the leveling legs to the bottom of the bin.
  • Step 3—Screw in the foot of each leg as far as possible.
  • Step 4—Move the bin to its designated area.
  • Step 5—Level the bin to ensure that the bin door closes and seals correctly. Use a level to check that the bin is stable, and adjust the feet on each leg until the bin is level.
  • Step 6—Inspect the bin gasket before installing the ice machine. Manitowoc ice bins come with a closed cell foam gasket installed along the top of the bin.
  • Step 7—Remove the front panel, top cover, left and right side panels of the ice machine before installing it on the bin.

Dispenser Installation Recommendations

  • A deflector isn't required, nor is an adapter for ice machines that match the dispenser size.
  • Align sides and back of the ice machine unit with the sides and back of the dispenser.