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Ice-O-Matic Timer Adjustment

Adjusting the timer on an Ice-O-Matic ice machine is as simple as flipping a switch in most cases. However, while it is a relatively easy task, there are other aspects that go into properly setting the timer so that the ice machine produces ice efficiently and smoothly. Learn how to set and adjust an Ice-O-Matic timer with the instructions below. 

This guide follows procedures for the Ice Series Cuber ice machines, including ICE0250 through ICE2100 models and undercounter units. 

Adjusting the Freeze Timer

You can adjust the freeze timer by sliding one or multiple switches to the ON or OFF positions. Doing so will produce proper bridge thickness. To access the initial time setting, switch the timer settings of 128 and 256 ON. 

NOTE: The hot gas delay timer on the ICE1400, ICE1506, ICE1606, ICE1800 and ICE2100 Series cubers should always be set at 4 seconds. This rules isn’t applicable on Version 3 & 4. 

Checking Timer Operation

  • Step 1—Check that the high temperature safety control isn’t open (refer to the service manual for further instructions). 
  • Step 2—Turn the ice machine off and disconnect power.
  • Step 3—Attach a voltmeter lead to terminal 1 of the timer and the other lead to terminal 3.
  • Step 4—Restore power and turn the machine to the ICE position. The voltmeter should read zero volts until the timer initiate closes, then the timer will energize and line voltage can then be read. 
  • Step 5—When the timer counts out, the voltmeter will read zero volts again. Once it has been energized, the time it takes the freeze timer to time out should match the timer adjustment. If it doesn’t or if the timer never closes, the timer is defective. 

Setting and Checking Ice Bridge Thickness

When adjusting the freeze timer and setting up the ice bridge thickness, it’s important to set it at the appropriate thickness depending on the model. Below are the various thickness measurements by model. 

  • ICEU, ICE0250 and ICE0305—3/16” (5mm)
  • ICE0400 and Larger Units—1/8” (3 mm)

If the ice bridge is too thick, deduct time from the timer to achieve proper thickness. If the bridge is too thin, add time to the timer to achieve proper thickness.