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Changing a Manitowoc Ice Machine Water Pump

A water pump is a component of a Manitowoc ice machine that pumps water from the water trough to the distribution tube and subsequently over the evaporator. In some models, it also flushes the trough by forcing water down the drain. If a pump fails or becomes weak, it will turn off the ice machine. We're going to guide technicians on changing a Manitowoc ice machine water pump in case pump malfunctions. 

Manitowoc company makes some of the best ice machines, ranging from under-counter to stand-alone S versions. There's no such thing as a good moment for an ice machine to go down.

Without further ado, we'll proceed with some steps to replace the Manitowoc ice machine water pump. 

Steps to Remove Manitowoc Ice Machine Water Pump

Remove Water Curtain

Water curtains are used in Manitowoc ice machines for two purposes. The first thing they do is prevent water from splashing out of the ice-making zone, allowing it to flow back into the trough. It slows down the melting of ice in the bin while also conserving water in the ice maker. The harvest cycle is the second function.

Steps to Remove Water Curtain 

  • Take the water curtain down.
  • Remove the curtain from the right side by gently flexing it in the center.
  • Remove the left pin.

Remove Water Trough

A watering trough (sometimes known as an artificial watering point) is a synthetic or natural container for holding a water, before it’s converted into the ice. In simpler words, water trough hold water before the process of making ice. 

Steps to Remove Water Trough

  • Depress the two tabs on the water trough's top.
  • To clear the water trough, lower the left and proper ice dampers.
  • To remove the water trough, pull it forward.

Remove the Water Pump

A water pump is used in every industrial ice machine, and Manitowoc ice makers are no exception. The water pump draws water from the trough, pushes it up through the tubing, and out via the distribution tube over the evaporator. The water pump must be powerful enough to propel a steady flow of water but not so powerful that the water stream misses falling.

Steps to Remove the Water Pump

  • Grasp the pump assembly and pull straight down until the water pump disengages and the electrical connector is revealed.
  • Must disconnect the electrical connector.
  • Remove the ice machine's water pump unit.
  • Do not use a cleaner or sanitizer solution to clean or disinfect the water pump motor.

Installation of New Water Pump

Now that you have removed all these components from a Manitowoc ice machine, it's time to fix or install the new water pump. Simply fit the water pump at the place of the old water pump that you have just removed. 

After installing a new water pump, you have to install a water trough and water curtain again. 

Note: This method works for all S models of Manitowoc ice machines. 

Caution: Please ensure that you have “O” rings, and Don't stretch the “O” ring.