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Continental Refrigerator Error Codes & Resolutions for Authorized Technicians

Many restaurants and commercial kitchens call on service technicians to help with large repairs and routine maintenance on refrigeration units. Continental units are very popular options, and select units feature easy Electronic Controls. On these controls, certain display errors require the help of technicians. This guide interprets these Continental refrigerator error codes and includes both resolutions and helpful charts courtesy of the manufacturer.

NOTE: This guide is only for authorized technicians. Equipment operators should contact a local service agent to conduct the tasks outlined below as well as additional repairs.

E0 – Regulation Probe Error (Black)

  • Issue – Loose wire or connections
  • Resolution – Check is the probes are connected in the proper terminals. See the proper parameters for wiring locations in the section near the bottom of this guide. Make sure the green terminal block on the self-contained control is fully seated. Also, ensure there aren't any loose strands of wire and the screw terminals aren't clamping down on wire sheathing instead of the probe wire.

E1 – Evaporator Probe Error (Red)

  • Issue – Faulty probe
  • Resolution – Ohm out the probe. The section at the bottom of this guide has a full chart of probe resistance values courtesy of Continental.  For units with a self-contained control, remove the green terminal block of the probe wires from the control. Then, take the resistance values on the screw terminals. For units with a split-control, remove the probe to take resistance.

E2 – Ambient Probe Error (White)

  • Issue – Faulty control
  • Resolution – Remove the probes from the control. With control powered, there should be 5VDC between probe common and other terminal probe screws.


Below are parameter and resistance value charts to assist you with troubleshooting and repairs.

Self-Contained Control Parameters

Continental Refrigerator Self Contained Control Parameters

Source: Continental easy Electronic Control Manual(pg. 22-23)

Split Control Parameters

Continental Refrigerator Split Control Parameters 1

Source: Continental easy Electronic Control Manual (pg. 24-25)

Warmer Control Parameters

Continental Refrigerator Warmer Control Parameters

Source: Continental easy Electronic Control Manual (pg. 26)

Probe Resistance Values

Continental Refrigerator Probe Resistance Values

Source: Continental easy Electronic Control Manual (pg. 20)