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R32 vs R290 vs R134a vs R12 Refrigerant

With more refrigeration and HVAC units being retrofitted to support new refrigerant bans and protocols, knowing about these key chemicals is crucial to maintenance and repairs. When technicians and facility managers search the web to learn about the refrigerant in the unit they're working on, there are four types that often get linked to one another. In the chart below, we compare R32 vs R290 vs R134a vs R12 refrigerant, so you have all the basic details when conducting your research.

Chemical NameDifluoromethaneIsopropaneTetrafluoroethaneDichlorodifluoromethane
Branded NameFreon-32PropaneFreonFreon
Refrigerant GroupHFCHCHFCCFC
Boiling Point-61.06°F-43.6°F-15.34°F-21.64°F
Melting Point-213°F-306.4°F-153.9°F-251.9°F
Global Warming Potential677313008500

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