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Changing the Direction of the Conveyor on a Star Ultra Max Conveyor Oven

The following directions for the Ultra Max Conveyor Oven are courtesy of our friends at Star Manufacturing. These are intended for authorized service technicians.

There are two different motors available on these units. The Brothers, gray, round motor you will need to have the polarity changed on the back of the motor to reverse the direction (see below). The black square motor, the direction is changed in the programming, see instructions at bottom of document. For both of them, once the motor direction is changed, the belt direction also needs to be changed. The tech will have to physically remove the conveyor and flip it so the loops are facing the opposite direction from when they started.

Star Ultra Max Conveyor Oven Motor Wiring Diagram

*If two wires on the motor do not have 1/4″ spade connectors, the belt direction is done through the controller*

*Is there a single wire in the 5 position Molex connector (see below)? If so, the direction of this one is done through the controller*

Star Ultra Max Conveyor Oven Diagram

Fahrenheit/Celsius and Conveyor Direction

  1. Turn off the power. Press and hold UP and DOWN buttons at the same time. Turn on the power and continue to hold the buttons for four seconds.
  2. Display should show dEG= in the top and °C and °F in the bottom. Change with the UP and DOWN buttons.
  3. Press the ENTER button and the display should show dlr= in the top with the direction in the bottom L- makes the conveyor go to the left Γto the right.
    NOTE: The UM – 1850 driveshaft runs opposite of UM – 1833 and UM – 1854. L- makes the conveyor go to the right Γto the left.
    NOTE: On small gearmotor electric ovens, belt direction is changed by switching the two wires from the gearmotor at the twin fuse blocks on the speed control.
  4. Change with the UP and DOWN button.
  5. Wait five seconds and the display shows SAVE and returns to controlling the oven.

Download the PDF version of these instructions here.